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Women In Cryptocurrency and How to Engage Them More

Ivy Riane at Medium.com examines the lack of women—in cryptocurrency and in finance in general—and makes the case that the newness of the crypto space presents an opportunity for women to become established as equal players in the industry.

Click through to learn about how assumptions about women’s abilities keep the from entering tech and finances spaces, women’s difficulties getting into industries and spaces not traditionally “meant” for them, how the future of the crypto world will benefit from the involvement of more women, and how cryptocurrency is another example of benefiting the global economy as they empower themselves. The article also provides tips for women to participate and become more involved in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

By Ivy Riane

I am part of quite a few cryptocurrency and business groups on Facebook and a common topic that I see being discussed lately is the apparent lack of women in the cryptocurrency space.

According to the recent numbers:

· Facebook engagement in groups about cryptocurrency is about 9% female

· Twitter engagement of women about cryptocurrency is about 4%

These are not my numbers but I was shocked when I saw them!

One Woman Looking to Change Things

I recently started following Laura Shin on Twitter and I am quite impressed by how she is working to change the perception of cryptocurrency and of women in the space. She is a Senior Editor at Forbes and hosts the Unchained Podcast.

According to an article that I read, she has been in the space for three years and got her start working full time for Forbes when they started their Forbes FinTech 50 initiative in 2015.

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