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Empowering the Women of Saudi Arabia Spotlight: Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud

In this episode, we interviewed Saudi Arabian Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud. Princess Reema shared with us what it was like to be the daughter of a diplomat and to grow up in America with the influence of her Saudi Arabian background. She also talked to us about her efforts to spread breast cancer awareness in Saudi Arabia among both men and women through the Zahra Breast Cancer Awareness Association. Our discussion then shifted to the topic of the position of females in the Saudi Arabian workforce. Princess Reema has and continues to introduce substantial advancements to create a more equalized workforce in retail. With her development of a training academy, women have the skills necessary to attain and keep a job in her country, increasing the level of empowerment that women have. Princess Reema wraps up the conversation by offering profound advice to young women and girls around the world. Stay tuned for a follow-up interview in the next coming months to learn more about the Princess’s work!

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