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This CEO Uses Her Jewish Faith as an Advantage


By Jonathan Vanian

November 14, 2017

Sarah Hofstetter knows she may stand out from her peers in the advertising industry, but she’s using her differences as an advantage.

Speaking Monday during Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif., the CEO of digital advertising agency 360i described how her life as an observant Orthodox Jew often puts her at odds with colleagues in her field.

While most advertising executives may be wining and dining clients or hammering out a big deal on a Friday night, Hofstetter hunkers down at home, where she lights candle, drinks wine, and observes the Sabbath.

“You’re never gonna catch me working on a Saturday morning,” she said. “And just because I email you on a Saturday night, you don’t need to email me back. But those are assets.”

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