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Brands Pledge to Give Women Equal Pay: Is Your Favorite on the List?

Many high-profile companies; including Amazon, American Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal USA, PepsiCo, and Staples; signed a pledge at the inaugural United State of Women Summit to work toward identifying and reducing the gender wage gap within their businesses. Read on and click through for the full list of companies signing the pledge!

stylenews.people.com – Though women have made great strides in the workplace lately (um, hello, first female Democratic presidential nominee), we still have far to go — particularly in the realm of wage equality. But now, thanks to a new initiative put forth by the White House that calls for private sector companies to take the “Equal Pay Pledge,” the pay gap could soon become a thing of the past.

According to a post on the White House’s blog (yes, we said White House blog), “in 2014, the typical woman working full-time all year in the United States earned only 79 percent of what the typical man earned working full-time all year. The pay gap is even greater for African American and Latina women, with African American women earning 64 cents and Latina women earning 56 cents for every dollar earned by a white non-Hispanic man.” So on Wednesday, at the United State of Women Summit, the White House announced they would be challenging companies to join them in their commitment to ending the gap once and for all.

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