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27 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Positively Impacting The World

Entrepreneurship can be the ultimate investment and adventure, and there is always inspiration to be gained from the ups and downs of entrepreneurs’ stories. Perhaps even more inspiring, however, is the impact businesses—and the women who lead them—can have. From authors and inspirational speakers to philanthropists and tech trailblazers, women entrepreneurs are using their businesses for good and making a difference. Read on for more from Everyday Power, learn from the impact women are having on the world, and keep investing in women—and in yourself!

everydaypowerblog.com – Female entrepreneurs are certainly a force to be reckoned with – and 2016 is their year. Today, about 37 percent of global enterprises are owned by inspiring, dedicated women. From supporting their own communities to contributing to global wealth, they prove that there’s no barrier when it comes to success.

Want to know their stories? Here are 27 of today’s amazing female entrepreneurs.

1) Julie Steines  

Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Who Use Their Business for Good

Author, publisher, philanthropist, Mom to Norbert the Dog. 

 Julie (Freyermuth) Steines is a multiple award-winning children’s book author. She co-owns the publishing and education company, Polly Parker Press, with her mother, Dr. Virginia Freyermuth. Her beloved Norbert book series is inspired by her real-life 3 lb. registered therapy dog whose message is, “You don’t need to be big to make a BIG difference in the world.

As a registered therapy animal team for the past six years, Julie and Norbert have spent many hours volunteering at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, fundraisers, and homeless shelters to bring comfort and smiles to people of all ages. Julie’s work with Norbert has been featured on Time, People, Wired, HLN, Huffington Post, AOL, InStyle, Oprah.com, Paper Magazine, and Brides.com, among others.

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